Balancing Financial Risk Tip #3: Find Balance with Fixed Index Annuities

How can your clients balance financial protection with potential growth?

When creating a financial retirement plan, there is no one “best” product. But some products can be a better fit to help your clients meet their goals. Our financial risk spectrum flyer within the Balanced Accumulation brochure can help you view how various products fair in terms of risk, and then consider how a fixed index annuity (FIA) might play a part in your client’s retirement accumulation strategy. In the spectrum of financial products, FIAs offer upside potential and principal protection from market risk. 

How do FIAs perform in up and down markets?

Our annual reset flyer within the brochure can help you show your clients how FIAs perform in up and down markets. The annual reset feature of many FIAs means any interest credits are locked in and the gains cannot be lost due to market downturns. 


In this video, listen to Josh Woodvine, National Sales Manager at North American explain how you can incorporate these topics into your conversations with your client.

Make sure to check out our risk assessment questionnaire included within the kit or use the online version at to help your clients determine if they are striking the right balance in their retirement planning.