North Dakota Revised Guidelines on Rebates and Gifts

The North Dakota Insurance Department has amended its guidelines related to offers by a producer to provide value-added products or services at no or reduced cost to clients.

The products or service offered must provide loss mitigation or loss control, reduce claims costs or claim settlement costs, provide education about liability risk or risk of loss to persons or property, enhance health or financial wellness, provide post-loss services, or a similar type of support.

Additionally, value-added products or services must be based on documented, objective criteria and offered in a manner not unfairly discriminatory. Producers must also, upon request, ensure those offered the value-added products or services are provided with contact information for questions or inquiries.

The producer must notify the Insurance Department of what the value-added product or service will be using this online form. Producers must include their NPN when notifying the Insurance Department of value-added products or services they will be using. 

If you have questions, please contact the North Dakota Insurance Department at or call 701-328-2440.

If you have a hierarchy of producers, you must share this with any producers who may not have received it.