Voice Signature for Final Expense!

As you know in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the American Amicable Group of Companies recently added an email for signature option on our Mobile Application for sales of our Final Expense products (Ages 50 to 85). We are happy to announce that as of Thursday, April 30th we will have voice signature capability as well. This provides you with three signature options to complete applications for Final Expense: (1) sign on screen, (2) email for signature & (3) voice signature. All three are viable options and will help us navigate in our “new normal”. See below for a quick overview.

  • Complete the application using Mobile Application (www.InsuranceApplication.com)
  • Select “Voice Signature” from the available signature options.
  • Using the approved company version of our voice signature script, read the statements exactly as written and allow your client to respond.
  • A recording of the voice signature portion will be made using the American Amicable Group recording system (800) 927-1604.
  • After the recording has been made, submit the application as normal. At that point the on-screen point of sale decision will be provided.